Charging your devices during the meetings :
  • There will be limited facilities for charging your devices during the AGA. 
  • Please plan to have your own portable chargers.
  • You can order your portable chargers via or your local vendor.
  • At the end of each day at your hotel room, you can recharge all your devices.
Plugs and Adapters
France's electrical appliances run on 220 volts (not 110 volts, the North American standard).
Also, the plugs and connectors are different from other continents.  France uses a 2-pronged plug - the prongs are round.
European plugs and connectors :

Most of your devices (laptop, smartphone, etc.) run on both systems, but you will need different plugs or adapters. 
Make sure to purchase your European adapters BEFORE you travel to Paris.
We recommend that you bring a multi-plug power strip that you can plug into a wall socket using your European Adapter.  
Then you can plug in all of your devices into your power strip (and share with your colleagues).

For more information, see the images below and order your adapters now via your local vendor:

Sample of adapters :