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Transportation, Metro, Bus

Transportation, Metro, Bus, Taxi
For information about transportation from airports and in Paris, see:

For information about buying metro tickets, see:

We recommend that you purchase your 'carnet' or book of 10 metro tickets BEFORE arriving in Paris.  The cost is around 16 Euros for 10 tickets.  Carnets are often available on your flight to Paris (ask at check-in) or on the Eurostar train in the café car.  Otherwise, when you arrive at the airport or train station, there are machines that accept credit cards or cash (in Euros) or a ticket window (depending on the time of day).  You can also purchase metro tickets at any metro station.  

Taxis are numerous in the center of Paris, depending on the time of day.
Taxi G7      and Taxi Bleu  are two of the many taxi services available.
Taxis charge a fixed rate ('forfeit') for each ride to or from the airport.  Typically, from CDG Roissy to Paris, the charge will be between 55 and 60 Euros, depending on the exact address.